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Valparai  The pollution free heavenly land. Valparai is located above the 3,500 feet from the sea level on the Anamalais mountain range Valparai does not mean only a single town. It stands majestically with GreenSpread Mountains and forest all around. Facility with kind hospitality for you is assured in Valparai. All your needs such as boarding, food, shopping can be satisfied with esteemed Lodges, Hotels and Shops. The place to visit at least once in your life span. To bring out the Joy and peace within you. Visit, enjoy the pleasure of Nature, and keep the green memories alive......

Valparai splashes with count less ways to redistribute oneself if got to be in Valparai like streams and water falls where one could cool off with a long leisurely swim. The childdrens could paddle to their hearts content in the brook unlike the gushing waters , rooling tea gardens , hairpin bed  curve roads,  Valparai totally gives us a wonderful natural scenery , which stands majestically with forest all around.