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Mysore! It is difficult to say if Mysore is a modern city that is trying hard to uphold traditions, or an old world city that tries even harder to wear a modern outlook. What ever is the truth, the word Mysore evokes a lot of anticipation. You can still anticipate a lot more, and Mysore has the character to match all those anticipations.

There are quite a few aspects that add to the aura of Mysore. For over 500 years this has been a capital city of the region of the  Wodeyar kings, later popularly called the Maharajas of Mysore. They built a large country called the Mysore Kingdom. The city of Mysore was its imperial yet human scale capital.The recorded history of founding of Mysore dates back to 1000AD. And what gap history had left behind is easily filled by the numerous myths and folklore associated with Mysore. The very name Mysore is mythical in origin. Centuries old traditions go on as regular part of Mysore’s life. Heritage, art or history , Mysore city sits in the middle of a tourism hotspot, like no other cities in this part of the country.